New Arrival!


Southern MO.jpg

Poe Hamps is proud to announce the acquisition of Southern Mohican; a proven 3 YR old Harrell Ram from Miller Farms SD.  

Southern Mohican has worked extremely well on 4-D Large daughters.  Maternally, he is related to Full Monty - sire of the 2017 Indiana State Fair Supreme Ewe and our lead sire for the past 3 years.

We are confident and excited to see the 2019 progeny of Southern Mohican!  Fresh and Frozen semen available for purchase on the website!

Kipton (16 months)

 A boy and his sheep!

A boy and his sheep!

Much to our delight, Kipton seems to love ALL animals...sheep, dogs, cats, toads...well the toad was a bit iffy... :)   He enjoys being outside  - he is keeping momma busy with laundry for certain!  His first words were Track-tor (tractor) Dee (our dog), and he makes the "k" sound for Kate (the other dog) and dad are still waiting to hear mama and da-da.... :) in particular!