New Hoop Construction Complete!

This past December brought a small F1 tornado through our place and on to the Greenwood area.  Stanley and I were out lambing ewes when we heard the back hoop building coming apart at the seams...literally.  Naturally, we stand there and watch/take pictures rather than head for the basement like smarter folks might do.  (we did later head that way when the neighbors' TV dish flew past us...).  The destroyed hoop housed some equipment and our next round of pregnant ewes.   We were very lucky that none of the ewes were hurt.  The tractors suffered some damage and the hoop was a complete loss having ripped off the cover and collapsed the ribs and wooden walls. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 11.30.01 AM.png


Fact:  Hoop buildings are comprised of a billion ....yes BILLON.....D rings and seatbelt strappings.  I predict we will continue to find the "shrapnel" around in the oddest places for years to come!

We waited till the weather cleared this spring to erect 2 new hoops. (our old hoop was 150 feet and we decided to go with 2- 100 foot buildings)  They are mostly complete with the construction of the end walls, electrical and plumbing to come this fall.  Dan Perkins from Kentucky did an awesome job and has installed all of our current hoops. 

All in all, we were very lucky to have only lost one building and some tractor repairs.  Midwest winters continue to amaze this my 4 years in Indiana, no two winters have been even remotely alike.  I certainly prefer cold and snowy to hot an windy!